Solar Hot Water

Solar Hot water or Solar Thermal heating is an extremely cost effective way to heat the water in your home using the suns free energy. There are more than 1 million homes and businesses in the united states that use solar thermal heating.

There are two main types of solar used in the united states.

Active and passive. In the southeast, We use Active.

Active solar hot water heating is used in climates where water rarely freezes. Cuts 25%+ of your utility bill and reduce amount of carbon emissions produced.

  • Active solar hot water heating systems include the following:
  • Flat plate collector: Located on the roof, Super heats the water flowing through the collector.
  • Solar hot water tank: Ceramic lined to keep the water hot like a Thermus, contains one backup element inside the tank to ensure consistent hot water 24/7
  • Circulation pump: moves the cold water up the copper lines to the flat plate collector and returning the hot water to the tank.
  • Differential Controller: Reads the temperature of the two sensors found on the roof and in the tank to allow customization of the temperature set point.
  • Expansion tank: is an added safety feature of a solar hot water system that relieves pressure in the solar hot water system.

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