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We aim to simplify the process by offering a user-friendly platform that allows customers to schedule their service appointments and receive a detailed quote in a matter of minutes.


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As of April 2022, Cross Atlantic Solar has undergone a significant transformation with new management and ownership. We understand that change brings both opportunities and challenges, and we are committed to navigating these obstacles with determination and resilience.

The Solar industry has limited reliable Solar Installation and Service Companies and our goal is to help customers affected by a volatile industry complete their installations and maintain their Solar Systems. 

Through careful project management and coordination, we are committed to completing projects efficiently and to the satisfaction of our clients.

Installing Solar Panels

"My experience with them was great at every step of the process.

Everyone is responsive, professional, and always willing to answer any questions I had. The crew that did the work was top notch.

They were courteous, friendly, incredibly clean, and their work was impeccable. My solar panels and solar water heater look great!
So if you're thinking of adding solar to your home, I highly recommend you do it with CAS."

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